Hello and Welcome! Please enjoy your time here at the Truffle Affair, where every hand-crafted bite is its own little affair. 

The Truffle Affair is dedicated to making each nibble as wonderful as possible, with a variety of flavors you won't find sold anywhere else and committed classics! If you are interested in learning a little more about how the Truffle Affair started, please visit the About Us tab. If you want to know more about truffles, their history and how these unique chocolates came to be called truffles, please visit our Truffle Page.

Our Products page holds some of the delicacies made at the Truffle Affair. Since we are a small batch, hand-crafted chocolate, we are not limited in our product options. If you don't find the flavor or filling you like, please, feel free to contact us and let us know your interest.

Last but not least, if you have any questions, concerns, comments or praises for the Truffle Affair, please e-mail them to us so that they can be posted on our testimonial page!

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Customer Feedback:

I have tried many of the wonderful chocolates from The Truffle Affair including truffles and some of the chocolate covered candies. I have yet to try anything that is not scrumptious! And not only do they taste great but they look beautiful too. Julie does a perfect job of blending the flavors with the chocolate and coming up with mouth watering combinations. I am a definite chocaholic and these always satisfy my addiction. They make gifts if you can manage not to eat them all yourself! 

Perrysburg OH
Phone: (419) 602-7244
E-mail: JulieHand@thetruffleaffair.com